Sea Angling

The north east of Wicklow is host to many fine angling.  With its idyllic setting close to Rathmore offering a variety of accommodation to suit all preferences, Rathmore is the perfect location for a fishing holiday in Ireland. Why not combine the unique experience of a stay on the Estate with excellent fishing along one of Ireland's best shoreline fishing areas.

Choose to stay at Rathmore, the Farmhouse or if you prefer your independence, why not reserve a self-catering Cottage, perfect for groups and families.

Shoreline Venues

The beach at Five Mile Point contains less stone and shingle and much More sand than the other beaches. In spring, smooth hound to over the 47 specimen sizes of 7 lbs (3.17kgs) have been caught there during the hours of darkness, with rag worm and peeler crab being the best baits. Homely ray and plaice are to be found here in May and mackerel during the summer, however for much of the year this area appears to be something of a nursery for immature fish of 6 inches (15.24 cm) or so, from several species including cod, dab, flounder and whiting. Access is via a mile long road from R761.

Many anglers regard Kiloughter Beach as the best of the entire Wicklow beach Venues for fishing. The angling organisations would say, it has probably come about because the beach turns up quality fish with a good degree of regularity. With up to over five species of ray being caught, specimen such as homelyn ray, thornback ray, being some, also smooth hound, bullhuss and occasional spurdog. Early in the season dogfish and the occasional ray can be taken.

The fish which appears more frequently are species such as whiting, dogfish, Flatfish and tub gurnard has been noted as been above average along the Wicklow coastline, making this a very popular location. My husband has noticed an increase of Tope appearing here in recent years providing great sport for the shore angler.

Two hours either side of high water is the optimum period with night tides Most productive. The North Beach, next along going south towards Wicklow. This beach can fish exceptionally well during daylight particularly on the overcast days of autumn and winter.

I do warn that the access lane from the R761 has very deep potholes Not drivable on. Littered with deep potholes which are inclined to fill with water after heavy rain. Great care should be exercised while driving down this lane as damage to vehicles could easily occur. We offer to deliver you as close as possible to the shoreline.

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Picnic packs provided

The North Beach, Wicklow is accessed from Wicklow town via the “Burrow Road”. This beach can fish exceptionally well during daylight Particularly on the overcast days of autumn and winter. Early in the season dogfish and the occasional ray can be taken. Night fishing can also prove worthwhile with the area next to the boulders below the car park or on the Burrow around the Monkey Pole (a well known fishing mark, the actual pole has been removed in recent times) being two of the favoured vantage points. Codling, coalfish, dabs, dogfish and whiting are some of the species on offer.

Conditions and Rates:

  • Fishing is open to residents and non-residents. 
  • The charge is per rod (person) per day.
  • Gilles provided
  • Boat hires extra
  • We offer trips to a variety of quality angling venues in the vicinity. 
  • €95.00 per person (residents) and €100.00 per person (non residents) – and times permitted are from 08:00am until 17:00pm.

Maximum number per day 
10 fishermen.

Over 15 fishermen, organiser goes free

Minimum number per day 
5 fishermen.

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