Hollowcreek Walking Tours

We pride ourselves in offering some of the best walking tours Wicklow Can offer . Whether it be a guided or escorted tour you require we are here to help, with tailor made walks to suit you ablity and stamina.

We offer;

  • Archaelogy walks weekend packages staying at Rathmore a well known archaeology site where once an ancient village and works were found.
  • Coastal walks along the east coast shoreline with amble and interest tours offered
  • Cultural tours of history guided by experienced staff some of whom have worked within these sites
  • Challenging mountain hikes for those whose are experienced walkers which can be very energetic
  • Self guided walks and tours available with guides
  • Walking packages available including accommadaton, meals and transport.
  • Challenging walk weekends with both other events offered and social outing. īļAirport-transfer and luggage transported